V8 e-Commerce provide solution focusing on assisting the local and the foreign corporate to build eCommerce business targeting the consumer market. 

We help foreign business doing e-Business to sell in mainland China

Our solution include the integration of a cross-border payment gateway, the implementation of the merchants’ own eCommerce platform and building the marketing channels via various platform in mainland China. Our aligned merchants can really focus on building their business. 

Timing is right, E-Commerce is the best way to enter the China consumer market

Since year 2000, B2C e-Commerce market have gone for a long way.

  • In 2015, it reaches 18.3 Trillion RMB, growth rate at 36.5%
    – B2B, 13.9 Trillion RMB, 39%
    – B2C, 3.8 Trillion RMB, 35.7%
  • E-Commerce hire 20 million people in China, growth rate at 11%
  • E-Commerce sales share 12.7% of total retail sales

So, the trend is here, and the market have reached the golden ages. All the traditional businesses would like to market and sell their products online now.  

Why Choose Us? 

As a certified Magento Developer, we deploy Magento CMS for most of the E-Commerce system. Magento system have the following benefits for the merchant. 

  • Right choice that 30% of the world’s e-Commerce merchants made worldwide

  • Able to handle millions of transactions per month
  • Rich APIs means that connection with numerous 3rd party systems such as,
    – Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system like SAP, Oracle, Netsuite;
    – CRM system like Dynamic CRM; 
    – POS system; 
    – WeChat Login and Notification Integration, etc.
    which mean flexibility to enhance the features to fulfil merchants’ business needs
  • Various Payment Solution integration support such as, 
    – Paypal; 
    – Stripe; 
    our recommended cross border payment solution, etc. 
    so that you can accept the payments while you target your business to different markets in the world 
  • Ready made system flow to minimize development and deployment time