FinTech is all about innovation, disruption and transformation, and will undoubtedly impact and shape the way financial institutions around the world operate.

FinTech and Financial Services are coming together

The Financial Services industry continues to be fuelled by FinTech’s influence. The perception of business at risk is growing and along with it the concern of potentially lost revenues. The fact that consumers are increasingly doing business with these non-traditional players will do little to calm uncertainty. As incumbents react to this they are attempting to come together with FinTech; to leverage the ecosystem it creates, turn the innovation to their advantage and alleviate their concerns around their business being at risk.

Emerging technologies are enabling convergence

To fully engage the trend and drive the market changes, we are focusing on emergent technologies that will provide a renewed experience for their customers. We help merchants to make use of the technologies to swiftly adjust to the fast-changing environment, regulations, and ultimately provide a better consumer experience.

With our hand-on experience in providing e-Commerce and payment solutions, we have passed the tipping point of adoption. Now, we are not only talking about technology, but also REAL business and REAL commercial value.